1 March 2018

Pontomobi Linked By Isobar Announces exclusive partnership with ifeelgoods, a digital rewards platform

In March, ifeelgoods, the global rewards platform based in Palo Alto, will start operating in Brazil through an exclusive commercial partnership with Pontomobi Linked by Isobar, part of the Isobar Brazil Group.
The digital agency, that also delivers mobile marketing solutions, signed a contract with the platform to have the exclusive use of the tool in the country. The partnership will offer the development and management of rewards campaigns and programmes for businesses and brands in Brazil. Ifeelgoods is present in more than 30 countries and is one of the biggest players in the consumer rewards vertical worldwide, with over 30 million rewards delivered and more than 1,000 campaigns launched on the platform to date. It both develops and distributes both digital and physical prizes, rewards, and gifts, with brands partnering with the platform to launch, distribute, and monitor promotions and rewards programs in real time. 
 ifeelgoods clients include Coca-Cola, Walmart, McDonalds, LG and L´Oreal. Pontomobi Linked By Isobar will broker relationships with local brands in Brazil to expand the platform's rewards portfolio in Latin America. 
 Michael Amar, ifeelgoods CEO said, "After covering the majority of countries in Europe, North America and Eastern Asia, we are very excited about launching our business in Brazil as the first country in South America. We couldn't find a partner better than Pontomobi Linked by Isobar, whose know-how on the industry and technology will contribute to our business and enable us to boost the digital rewards segment in Brazil" 
 Léo Xavier, Pontomobi Linked By Isobar CEO said "Ifeelgoods is a player with a very high performance in this type of service in the global market, for the complexity and excellence levels of the operation, which has a "end-to-end" format: from the detailed customization of campaigns according to the client's profile and goals; to the distribution of items from its extensive catalog of digital and physical gifts, to the monitoring of campaign results, everything can be securely done in a 100% online environment. The Brazilian market lacked a tool that combines all these competences in this segment" "Digitizing 100% of the operation of a service like this, helps reduce the operational costs of the initiatives, eliminate physical stock, improve distribution flow and even prevent the loss of goods"