Voices from the Past

Voices from the Past

Polish Radio

We utilised a dusty resource – the sound archives of the Polish Radio - in order to reach young people in a modern, mobile way. We transformed the city and our everyday familiar places into a journey through time, and enabled campaign participants to go back in time and discover ancient times through forgotten sounds.

The challenge

The Polish Radio has the richest sound archive in the country, the region, and possibly beyond.

Over 90 years of our unique history is enclosed in sounds - from the 1939 war announcement, through the Pope's visit in Warsaw (Let your Spirit descend ..!), to the Michael Jackson concert in post-communist Poland. But what is the point if no one seems interested in it? Many archives hide treasures - the problem is that hardly anyone has the strength/desire/concept to explore them. Our lives are fast-paced, we live with our faces buried in our phones and do not dig through the past.

The solution

With our faces buried in our phones we keep moving forward and have no time to think about the past.

Hence our idea – we will dust off the treasures of Polish Radio so that Poles in 2015 could find in them something of interest! What was the idea?
We created a special mobile application through which we allowed users to listen to stories, which took place exactly in the location where the users were at the moment, through GPS mapping and putting the content from the archive in context for them. So it couldn’t be easier - you're on Pilsudski Square? Today you can buy candy floss there and go to the Sofitel Victoria Casino, but one click will take you back to 1979 and the legendary visit of the Holy Father. Close your eyes, put on your headphones, and travel back in time. This is our idea. Simple, and yet powerful. In our application you could listen to historical politicians - the speech of Marshal Pilsudski in front of the Presidential Palace makes an electrifying impression, artists - Agnieszka Osiecka will read you her poem in front of her house on Francuska street - and you can generally listen to thousands of fascinating recordings from the past, all in the present.