Tubular uncover

Tubular uncover

Adidas and Sizeer

The Tubular Uncover was the first live TV game show broadcasted through social media.

The results

The entire contest took only 100 minutes. During this short period of time it generated the following results:
- more than 500 000 people watched Tubular Uncover live,
- more than 20 000 people took part in the game,
- the game show on Facebook had a larger audience than the most popular soap opera on Polish TV.

The challenge

Adidas released their new model of shoes – the Tubular.

The agency’s task was to come up with the activation that would on one hand make buzz in target group (18-24) and on the other hand to position Sizeer –  adidas’ main retail partner as the store which has the largest selection of Tubulars. With limited budget and only social media at our disposal, we had to make the launch as big as possible.

The solution

What if we would redefine the well-known convention of TV game quiz and make it online game. Same TV show convention, similar reach, same emotions BUT anyone can participate through social media.

Tubular Uncover was the first live web game show that connected 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.  Facebook created comparable to TV reach through Facebook Mentions, Snapchat as the main quiz engine and Instagram for providing clues to riddles transmitted via Snapchat.

We invited Maffashion – well-known fashion bloger, as the host. She live broadcasted the contest via Facebook Mentions. The show was produced at a Sizeer store (the main retail partner for the adidas Tubular). Inside there was an in-store installation created with 50 pairs of Tubulars. Through Instagram and Snapchat, Maffashion gave viewers clues about the hashtags. If you guessed the right hashtag, you won a pair of adidas Tubular live.