Team Total

Team Total


Behind every beautiful car, every race, every reseult achieved on the track, are mechanics passionate about their work. 

The results

During the year, the Team Total Pro page had nearly 400,000 visits, and the page was visited by 100,000 people. After the first year of operation we have nearly 2,500 subscriptions, which is 25% more than planned.

The challenge

The Total brand appeared in Poland in 2008 when the oil market was heavily saturated. Brands such as Castrol or Mobil1 appeared in the early 1990s and took over the category (both in terms of sales and awareness). Our aim was to break through this heavily crowded category, which also includes domestic brands: Lotos and Orlen Platinum.

Unfortunately, years of TV campaigning with the participation of motorsport celebrities (Sebastian Loeb and Sebastian Vettel) did not achieve the expected result - the level of spontaneous awareness did not exceed 15% (for competition it ranged from 25% up, and for Castrol and Mobil it was up to 70-80%). At that time, the attitude of the end-user was changing as well - even by 2008 less than 50% of drivers delegated the oil changing task and in 2015 it was already 80%. So we decided to focus on the business customer.

Our goals included:

  1. Launching a communication platform for fans of the auto industry and building the Total brand position on the Internet.
  2. Creating a way to engage mechanics and owners of auto workshops.


The solution

We wanted to collaborate with people who in their daily work prove their passion for the automotive industry and are an authority in the business.

We created Team Total- a team of professionals and automotive enthusiasts who would provide our customers with knowledge, inspiration, excitement, and entertainment. The main face of the campaign was Adam Klimek, mechanic and creator of the programme Samochód Marzeń. Kup i zrób (Car dreams. Buy and Make) on TVN Turbo. The other members of the Team were:

- Patryk Mikiciuk, TVN Turbo journalist and automotive enthusiasts.

- Klaudia Podkalicka, one of the few women competing in races.

Together with the team we have created a series of scientific videos (how oil behaves at 200oC?), lifestyle videos (women in the racing world) and instructional videos (how to change the oil or lightbulb). Our entire content was posted on teamtotal.pl and Youtube. At the same time we launched a Pro version of our website for mechanics and auto workshop owners- a platform of knowledge for professionals, where they can give or get advice, take part in competitions, or consult with Adam Klimek, an authority in the industry.