Play Tidal

Play Tidal


#playtidal is a viral social media campaign, which uses influencers and is based on building direct interactions between them. The result was a wide range of activities to promote the Tidal application and generate content by consumers.

The results

At one point, the campaign reached her 42 million fans around the world. As a result, 5.5 million users in Poland were reached and the dedications themselves generated more than 250,000 interactions with fans. The TIDAL information page on the Play website was visited by 2,100% more users during the campaign.

The challenge

TIDAL is a service that allows to stream music on mobile devices.

The application, which has appeared on the market at the beginning of 2015, was created by a world-renowned producer - Jay-Z, and thanks to the involvement of other celebrities it has gained immense popularity all over the world. In Poland, brand awareness and market share at that time was marginal. Users chose the competitor Spotify or simply YouTube. It was Play that saw the potential in TIDAL and made the application available to its customers as an additional service. We had a great product, which was endorsed by well-known names in the music industry. The main challenge was to come up with a far-reaching creative social media campaign, in which we could introduce TIDAL to young people. This was to be the first stage of a long-term joint campaign between Play and TIDAL, and the digital results of the campaign were to become the foundation for developing more productive ATL activities.

The solution

We began collaborating with popular and well-liked celebrities on the internet and utilised the trend of sharing their favourite songs on their social media profiles.

We developed a previously untapped area, through which internet celebrities praised their musical choices, but now using TIDAL. We used the popular online trend of nominating and challenging and asked each influencer to dedicated specific songs to other influencers. We utilised all of the celebrities’ own channels: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter.

We have ensured content consistency on the visual level (picture of the influencer wearing headphones), as well as the hashtag itself (#playtidal). After a few days other influencers became interested in participating in the campaign and dedications with the hashtag #playtidal were now being created by ordinary consumers, for which we awarded them. In just a few days, 41 influencers took part in the campaign, and the campaign itself expanded beyond local boundaries, as the nomination from Radzimir Dębski (Jimka) was accepted by one of the most popular singers in the world - Nicki Minaj who dedicated a song to all Polish fans.

#playtidal is an example of how to use natural influencer behaviour in the area of ​​social media to create a marketing message, which can have a real impact on the behaviour of fans. Simple mechanics, involving all popular social media platforms, and on the other hand, the attractiveness of the task itself helped to reach and engage fans. The results achieved have become a solid foundation for subsequent promotional activities of TIDAL in the Play network as part of the ATL campaign.