New Bovska FABIA

New Bovska FABIA


Idea of first live TV commercial in Poland presented in various media mix, changed  premiere of the new Fabia into news, which 1 on 4 Poles watched it.​​​ ​

The results

Live Fabia commercial was seen by more then 8 million viewers and 1,5 million more joined to watch online. Social media content reached more then 15 millions impressions. And what about business? Fabia is now number one best selling car in Poland and compared to last year's results sell increased by 9.11%.

The challenge

Entertaining and surprising - new Škoda Fabia

Škoda is associated with the older target. We wanted to change that perception and reach a younger audience which looks for interesting content, wants to be entertained and surprised. But at the same time – having in mind the current media landscape with a huge inflation pressure on one hand and declining inventory on the other – we wanted to innovate the way we build value not only for our client, but also for our supply partners to generate profits we can all share.

The solution

First live TV commercial in Poland!

NEW is no longer NEWS. Nobody really cares about new products. So we decide to do things differently and made NEWS from NEW Fabia.

We constructed our campaign like a NEWS – putting all efforts on simultaneous communication via live ad through multiple media (websites, social media, TV, DOOH, cinema, influencers' channels).

We transformed 30s perfect tv execution into a 2h long unpredictable live story.

First we had big news headline FIRST LIVE TV COMMERCIAL IN POLAND and gained media attention. Then we gave people chance to join unprecise experience - simultaneously produced and broadcast live on TVN, social media channels, well known Polish portals, points of sale, cinema and influencer channels with pop star concert at the same time!