Mastercard Pop up store

Mastercard Pop up store


The pop up store was installed at a shopping mall. It was also a main attraction of HUSH WARSAW, the independent designers’ fair.

The results

Within just two weeks almost 40 000 users were given a chance to try a unique shopping experience.

The challenge

Main objective was to promote MasterCard’s new service- the MasterPass aplication.

Mastercard aimed to establish MasterPass’ porition on the market amongst other methods of online payments. Also MasterCard wanted to demonstrate its support for the start ups.

The solution

We have created a pop up store in cooperation with an online boutique, Showroom, that combined digital technology with an outdoor installation.

The video content for the interactive display was shot at 200 frames per second. Combined with leap motion technology, this allowed users to slow the video by as much as 8 times to see the clothes in more detail, with no loss of quality and just by using simple gestures. At any time, customers could instantly make a purchase by using MasterPass.