Mastercard capsule

Mastercard capsule


In the campaign we communicate a MasterCard product - NFC contactless payments via smartphone - by custom activation of the consumer which affects the awareness of the product and also changes the undesirable social behavior.

The results

In 4 weeks, more than 900 people used MastrerCard. On average, each person spent more than 1.5 hours without phone, which sums up to over 1350 hours of talks. As a result, there was a visible increase in the amount on the bill at our tables.

The challenge

Client’s brief was about showing users how to wisely use new technologies and how MasterCard creates new solutions for making people’s lives easier when it comes to the payments.

In this contextual way we communicated NFC contactless payments promoted by MasterCard.
Thinking about the solution we focused on a very clear insight: people are overusing new technologies, especially when it comes to the smartphones. This is visible mainly in the restaurants, where people instead of enjoying each other's company and conversations, are constantly scrolling their social media profiles and checking notifications on their smartphones every 10 minutes. Seeing this, we decided to reach the consumer right there - in the restaurants. Our goal was not only to communicate client's product, but we focused also on the emotional aspect - changing social attitude to new technologies. We just wanted to rediscover the art of conversation.

The solution

Creative concept was based on idea of teaching people how to use new technologies through... new technologies.

In this way, we wanted to point out that innovations should be used wisely and the phone in a restaurant may be needed only to pay the bill with NFC.
For this purpose, we created an interactive and mobile device for each type of restaurants around the world – the MasterCard Capsule. We started with the 3 largest restaurants in Warsaw.
The device is printed in 3D technology, it has built-in sensors that monitor the presence of up to 8 phones. When smartphones are inside the capsule, timer is couting the time. Dedicated application connecting the capsule to the tablet allows to control process.  The longer time without smartphones, the greater the benefits: vouchers for drinks and meals. We gave additional prize for person who at the end of the meeting pay with NFC.