Famous & Missing

Famous & Missing


Every day we read about the newest celebrity styles, their lovers and latest plastic surgeries. The media devote a lot of attention to celebrities, but not enough to those who really need our attention – the missing persons.

The results

About 100 celebrities selflessly participated in a social campaign.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to convince the organisers of the red carpet backdrop to let us utilise some of the coverage of gossip and lifestyle media for our purpose.

So together with the Ithaca Foundation we created "Famous & Missing" – a campaign, which uses celebrities as a new channel of communication.

The solution

It started at the gala movie premiere. With printed posters of missing persons we waited at the red carpet backdrop and asked celebrities to pose with them.

The next day, photos of celebrities holding posters with missing persons appeared on the most important gossip sites and media in Poland. Fakt, Super Express and even Cosmopolitan all wrote about the "Famous & Missing" campaign! Instead of focusing on fashion blunders, we finally talked about what's important! In the second phase, celebrities contacted us on their own and posted photos of themselves holding posters with the images of missing persons on their social media portals. Szymon Majewski, Afromental, Krystyna Janda, Czeslaw Mozil, Michał Piróg, Maffashion, Robert Kupisz, DJ Adamus and nearly 100 other celebrities let us use their image. And they did it for free! Their pictures flooded the internet reaching different people in various communities. It reached nearly 2 million people, all with a budget of 600 PLN (cost of printing posters, coffee and taxis).

  • "We created" a new channel of communication.
  • The red carpet backdrop was used for a noble purpose for the very first time
  • The missing persons topic appeared in the gossip and lifestyle media, places where no one expected it.  
  • About 100 celebrities selflessly participated in a social campaign.  
  • One of the missing persons returned home safely.