All You need

All You need

adidas poland


The results

During a month-long campaign the workout was shown both on adidas and our instructor’s social media channels.

In that time the campaign reached more than 4 300 000 women with over 81 000 000 media impressions. That’s more than 90% of the target audience. It made WOMEN MUST HAVES the best-selling women’s collection from adidas ever launched in Poland. But what’s most important, the campaign engaged women and motivated them to exercise.

The challenge

How could we motivate our audience to try to get in shape?

In the summer of 2017, the adidas Women Must Haves new collection of training clothes went to stores. How to reach women aged 20-35 in digital channels whose attention is competed by strong competition and convince them that all they need to exercise regularly is a strong free and comfortable outfit?

The solution

We teamed up with Ewa Chodakowska, the number one fitness instructor in Poland, and created a unique workout, tailored both to social media and mobile devices.

A workout that would show that adidas ’WOMEN MUST HAVES is ALL YOU NEED' to get in shape. 

While the target group scrolled through Facebook and Instagram on their smartphoes, we reached them with our workout videos. They showed that you don’t need any additional equipment to train and featured various exercises – step by step and with repetitions.