Isobar Poland begins the implementation of the Quality Management System Policy based on PN-EN ISO 9001


Isobar Poland begins the implementation of the Quality Management System Policy based on PN-EN ISO 9001

Isobar Poland is a company that provides services in creating brand communication strategies on the internet and the concept of marketing activities including content creation, moderation, monitoring, customer care, etc. Recipients of services are both small and large enterprises from various market sectors.

Isobar Poland is a global agency that provides its customers with digital transformation based on creativity. The agency team support clients in solving complex business challenges through the use of digital marketing, creating ecosystems and products, as well as increasing consumer loyalty to brands.
- Over the next few years, it will be crucial for us to support our clients in the transformation process by creating unique experiences for consumers. The solutions we already provide skilfully combine technology with creativity, and it is creativity in creating new solutions that we consider to be our greatest competitive advantage. One of the main goals for the coming years is to maximize the potential by providing our clients with omni-channel concepts that take full advantage of the opportunities of the commerce area, strongly embedded in data, but above all inspiring and engaging consumers around a carrier idea. - says Marcin Dobrzyniecki, Quality Management System Proxy at Isobar. 

The strategic goals are:
  • ongoing identification of clients' needs and requirements in order to meet them;
  • providing services in a professional, timely and objective manner;
  • constant increase in the quality of services rendered;
  • steady increase in staff qualifications;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of information obtained from the client.
The policy is implemented using our strengths of Isobar Poland, including:
  • highly qualified staff;
  • numerous references and good opinions among clients; 
  • focus on high quality of services and modern solutions;
  • versatility and flexible adaptation to customer needs;
  • a wide range of industries served. 

Thanks to our own know-how and the use of knowledge and its practical aspects, we are ready to expand the customer base by developing new strategies and implementing new concepts of marketing activities. The Company's Management Board undertakes to effectively manage and continuously improve the Quality Management System.


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