Breaking the Frame: Artur Szatkowski presents the case for Innovation in Athens


Breaking the Frame: Artur Szatkowski presents the case for Innovation in Athens

Artur Szatkowski, Creative Technology Consultant at Hypermedia Linked by Isobar, was recently invited in Athens as one of the keynote speakers of the annual Ermis Festival - the most prestigious advertising festival in Greece - which features a full-day of inspirational seminars on creativity as well as the National Advertising Awards Ceremony.

In Artur’s session, he discussed the new world order in advertising and the role of innovation in the creative process to an audience of senior creatives and top agency executives. Artur opened by recalling the major milestones that brought us to the marvels of today. Like the invention of the mobile phone, the internet, the smartphone and more recently, VR technology.

He mentioned that, “The digital evolution enables the diffusion of new technologies at a pace that the world has never seen before.” And pointed out that, “It took 75 years for the telephone to reach 50 million people, while Pokémon Go reached as many users in a mere 19 days.”

Advancements in digital technology and innovative digital solutions have helped unleash the power of creativity and, at the same time, have transformed the way people behave, interact and consume. This new reality has triggered changes in human needs, therefore creating the necessity for change in business as well. Consumers’ expectations of brands have evolved and increased, demanding immersive and entertaining experiences, personalized services and products that fit uniquely into their own lifestyle.

Artur reiterated this point by showing work from around the Isobar network, including the online Piñata for Pringles, the VR Bikes Mindrace, VR Windsurfing, and the Australian in-store UMOOD campaign for Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo.

All of these projects highlight the intelligent ways in which innovation can be used in marketing, in order to offer more personalized consumer experiences, and help brands forge stronger and more meaningful relationships.

Artur closed the session by explaining, “Innovation has shot creativity to a whole new, higher level, giving creatives the opportunity to turn magnificent ideas into real ground-breaking projects and campaigns. What we are witnessing is not an era of change, but the change of an era.”


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