The First Android IFE

The First Android IFE


The World’s first Android based in-flight entertainment system offers revolutionizing flexibility for Norwegian's new 787 Dreamliner.

The results

The solution was awarded the highly regarded Award for Design Excellence.

The challenge

Creating the most modern integrated IFE-system on the market.

In-flight entertainment on long haul flights has become a mainstay and something we take for granted. At the same time, there have been few suppliers of these systems, resulting in outdated technology and high costs related to the procurement, development, operation and growth of the systems.

The solution

Freedom of choice and quality for everyone.

With their new IFE-system, Norwegian offer their passengers the kind of entertainment everyone expects to find on board a modern aircraft: movies, television series and games. In addition, we introduced new experiences, such as “Snack Bar”, where passengers can order food and beverages, pay for it by swiping their card at the screen and have their order delivered directly to their seat. The solution is based on common conventions for touch and screen based design, with the goal of presenting an environment that the users will be familiar with from other digital interfaces and devices on the ground.