Make It Possible feat. Johaug & Weng

Make It Possible feat. Johaug & Weng


We introduced Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, to the Norwegian public by teaming up with two of Norway's biggest stars.

The results

Substantial increase in brand recognition.

The challenge

How could we establish Huawei as a top mobile phone brand in the Norwegian market?

Huawei were not known for their mobile phones in Norway and the category was dominated by big brands with high brand loyalty. We needed to communicate the Huawei brand values, as well as ensuring Norwegians that Huawei was a great choice that could compete with, and even beat, the big players in the mobile phone category.

The solution

Therese Johaug and Heidi Weng approves this message.

We recruited two ambassadors that perfectly embodied the Huawei brand proposition, “Make it possible”, in a way that Norwegians could relate to. Therese Johaug og Heidi Weng, two of our biggest cross country stars, carried the communication. The campaign ran across TV, outdoor and social media, and Johaug's and Weng's “stamp of approval” helped Huawei become a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian market.