The Marathon Pledge

The Marathon Pledge

Danske Bank

To utilize Danske Bank’s sponsorship of Oslo Marathon to the fullest, we wanted to challenge their employees, customers and partners to run.

The results

Incredible increase in participation and engagement.

The challenge

How could we get as many as possible to commit to run the marathon?

Running a marathon is a big commitment that requires motivation and preparation. We knew that if you set a goal and make it known, you are more likely to follow through. We needed to create a platform for people to let “the world” know about their intentions to run as well as a hub for facilitating preparations for the runners.

The solution

Taking the pledge, keeping the pledge.

The Marathon Pledge was a pledge you made to yourself, your family, friends and colleagues to inspire and motivate yourself to run Danske Bank Oslo Marathon 2015. The campaign kicked off with a series of films with Jack Waitz (husband and trainer of the greatest marathon runner of all time: the late Grete Waitz) challenging you to take the pledge. You took the pledge at the campaign site martonlø, and challenged others via social media.