The Stig vs. Team Norway

The Stig vs. Team Norway


To launch BBC Brit in Norway, we combined what is special about BBC Brit with what is special about Norwegians.

The results

The ratings on the premiere night exceeded the goal set by BBC by 100%.

The challenge

How could we create a connection between BBC Brit and the Norwegian audience?

As a new and small TV channel, nobody knew what BBC Brit was about. If our audiences didn’t know what they were about, why would they tune in? We needed to create a connection between BBC Brit and our Norwegian audience. It was key that as many people as possible got to know that BBC Brit was the new home of Top Gear.

The solution

A British icon vs. Norwegian icons - at an iconic location.

We put The Stig from Top Gear in context with what Norwegians are most passionate about: skiing. We selected a dream team of Norway’s biggest winter sport stars to compete against The Stig in Holmenkollen. We ran a teaser campaign in social media and PR leading up to the event. The event was held the week before launch, and then PR and social media carried the stories through launch week.