User Insight Bears Fruit

User Insight Bears Fruit


We built a new website for Norway's largest fruit and vegetable distributor, built on insight that users look at products and context, rather than generic information.

The results

By focusing on their products, BAMA have doubled their website traffic.

The challenge

Build a website that would serve as a digital hub for content, campaigns and social media.

BAMA's unique position in the Norwegian market means they have a lot of insight about the products. Their challenge was to get all this knowledge to the people in the form of useable content that would inform and inspire. There is an added challenge; people don't go to BAMA's front page directly, their user journey starts with search leading them to product and recipe pages.

The solution

Feed people's need for inspiration through BAMA's heroes: their products.

As almost 90% of all visits to BAMA's website were on products pages, it was pretty obvious that the products should be elevated to receive the attention they deserved. In the new BAMA website, the beautiful products serve as heroes, being the hubs where consumers land. From there we direct people to content; recipes, preparation techniques and information.