Eight Alternatives to Democracy

Eight Alternatives to Democracy


We redesigned 7-Eleven’s coffee cups to increase sales and encourage participation in the upcoming Norwegian election.

The results

Coffee sales increased with 19%, and people were buzzing about the brand and campaign.

The challenge

How to increase coffee sales with 10% in two weeks?

7-Eleven wanted to assume social responsibility, and at the same time, sell more coffee. But how could they appear credible? We advised 7-Eleven to only push coffee sales in-store, and ensure that all communication outside the stores would be purely value based.

The solution

Eight Alternatives to Democracy - use your right to vote

With “Eight Alternatives to Democracy”, we presented people to other forms of government, such as theocracy, kleptocracy, oligarchy and so on. We concluded that living in a democracy is actually pretty neat. The coffee cup was therefore redesigned to communicate, “Use your right to vote”. In the space of two weeks, we covered Norway’s biggest cities with the campaign.