Buy Locally, Think Globally


Buy Locally, Think Globally

In collaboration with Isobar, BAMA have made a seasonal calendar that shows which Norwegian ingredients are in season and where they are being produced.

BAMA Storkjøkken care for locally grown food, and believe buying local ingredients is a way to contribute globally. Together with Isobar, BAMA have now launched a seasonal calendar where the user is able to simply view which Norwegian ingredients are in season, and where in our vast country they are being grown.

- The higher quality production we have on home turf, the better. For us. For the local farmers. For the environment. By seriously focusing on local foods, we don’t just want to become a little bit greener and shorter travelled, we also wish to offer even better ingredients, says Ingebjørg Hjortdahl, CMO at BAMA Storkjøkken.

- The goal with our seasonal calendar is to make it easier for you to plan a menu based on this seasons best ingredients, and for it to give you more knowledge of the origin and identity of the ingredients you consume. Lastly, we hope you will convey this information to your guests when you serve your masterpiece, Ingebjørg closes.


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