Johaug and Weng for Huawei

Huawei-ambassadors There Johaug and Heidi Weng front the most extensive campaign so far by the Chinese giant.

Huawei have sold mobile phones in the Norwegian market since 2011. Their market share has risen at a stable rate, and they increased their visibility in the market throughout 2015 with various campaigns and sponsorships.

Their most extensive campaign thus far can these days be seen outdoors on boards and buses, as well as on TV, fronted by ambassadors Therese Johaug and Heidi Weng.

Both women largely represent Huawei’s values, evolving around the courage to dream big and work hard to achieve one’s goals. The videos are to a large degree about Therese Johaug, and her way to the top of the Norwegian and international skiing spectacle. Huawei’s slogan, “Make It Possible”, perfectly aligns with the values that Johaug represents.

– We feel that national athletes, such as Therese Johaug and Heidi Weng, have values that represent our company in a good way. They have a good position and we trust them, says CMO in Huawei, Lise Prydz Aarstrand. Huawei can be considered challengers in the Norwegian mobile market, but have plans of strengthening their knowledge, presence and brand position through heavy investments in sponsoring.

– When tasked with building brand recognition broadly and quickly, Johaug and Weng, combined with cross country skiing itself, were natural suggestions, according to Isobar.

– The solution has proved to be effective, with the video clips especially generating an enormous reach in a short amount of time. Both traditional TVC, as well as spreading on social media, have worked well. The video content was produced in a matter that would work both on TV, in addition to social media and web. We planned for a multifaceted reach strategy.

– In collaboration with the production company, producer and director, we chose a slightly alternative way to portray Therese Johaug. A rough expression, as we also get to know Therese through her personal story and flash backs, told in her own voice.

– We have also spent several hours in the photo studio, where the outdoor campaign was crafted. During preseason, it was nice to be inside, so the style we chose differs from how we are used to seeing the cross country athletes.

Heidi Weng for Huawei

Therese Johaug for Huawei

Oslo, Norway

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