Visual Identity Upgrade for BAMA


Visual Identity Upgrade for BAMA

The uncontested leaders within fruits, berries and vegetables, BAMA, have received a new website.

Based on user data, insights and BAMA’s wish of a new and better solution, Isobar has designed the brand new The site launch, marks the start of a digital focus that will aid BAMA and their ambition of improving the Norwegian public health, and will be further developed in 2016 with greater functionality and more engaging content.

Traffic data from the old, showed a clear pattern in user behaviour; close to 90 percent of all visitors ended at a product site.

- The real hero and main character in all recipes, tools and services is the raw ingredient. Therefore, it was natural for us to cultivate a product centred approach to the content, confirms Alexander Flammier Muskaug, Lead Designer at Isobar. 

Digital Produce Encyclopedia

BAMA’s unique position in the Norwegian fruits and vegetables market, grants it extensive knowledge on each raw ingredient, how they best should be stores and tips to how they can be cooked. To be able to share this information, we have structured the product information on each individual ingredient as a digital encyclopedia, at The user can easily navigate through the solution to find inspiration, facts and tips on the produce.

In relation to the new web launch, Isobar has also upgraded BAMA’s visual identity. The original logo design and colours are intact, but a new colour pallet, as well as new typography, photography and icon libraries, are now in place.

– Elevating BAMA’s identity and digital platforms has been a very exciting task. The result demonstrates that Isobar delivers broad expertise and is a strength to be reckoned with when it comes to business defining solutions for leading national actors, Isobar CEO, Nils Ola Bark, highlights.

– As a national hub in the communication of fruits’ and vegetables’ connection to health, our new intuitive digital platform and visual identity contribute to strengthen our position and relevance in today’s society, says a pleased Anders Jordbekken, Chief Marketing Officer in BAMA Gruppen AS.


Oslo, Norway

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