A connected car platform

A connected car platform


We created a connected car platform allowing drivers to control their car from the palm of their hand, creating a service to add value for Volkswagen customers.

The results

50.000 cars connected, 175.000 sessions per months and 100% increase in customer value.

The challenge

Create a personal relationship through data

The market for car repairs, maintenance and accessories is under pressure. After buying a car, many drivers have little contact with their dealer, visit the dealer less often and spend less. How could we create a platform to deepen the relationship between customers and VW and build new value-added services?

The solution

Control your car from the palm of your hand

We created a  mobile app that empowered drivers to control their car from the palm of their hand and took the hassle out of car maintenance. A range of value-added services included signals for upcoming maintenance to prevent sudden breakdown, tracking and measuring driving skills, logged journeys to reduce admin, parking functionality and a practical feature to find your car.