The Digital Ageing Cellar

The Digital Ageing Cellar

Hertog Jan

Introducing: Hertog Jan’s Digital Ageing Cellar - a website that literally takes six years to explore and age, just like your bottle of Grand Prestige beer.

The results

The soft launch crushed the target on checked-in bottles with +110%. And this is only the beginning…

The challenge

Elevate Hertog Jan's craftsmanship positioning

The Netherlands has reached peak brewery. And while the popularity of craft beer accelerated the growth of Hertog Jan, it is now turning into a threat for the strong brand health: when it comes to craftsmanship, small craft breweries are more credible and likeable.

Knowing that Hertog Jan’s speciality beers create a premium halo-effect for the quality perception of the brand and its Pilsener, we decided to double down on the crown jewel of the brewery: Grand Prestige. One of the very few beers that develops a unique taste when ageing. Brought to you from the cellar underneath the brewery, the dusty home of thousands of bottles Grand Prestige, this ageing narrative has already provided great stories and inspired curious beer lovers to age bottles at home.

Just telling this story isn’t enough to elevate the brand’s craftsmanship positioning. We needed to find an idea that extends the uniqueness of the beer with a one-of-a-kind experience, substantiating the storytelling of Grand Prestige.

The solution

Extending the uniqueness of the beer with a one-of-a-kind digital brand platform.

Introducing Hertog Jan’s Digital Ageing Cellar: a website that literally takes six years to explore and age, just like a bottle of Grand Prestige. From now on every bottle of Grand Prestige comes with an immersive 6-year masterclass to prepare both the bottle and the senses for the ultimate flavour experience.

Beer lovers register their bottle and discover how to perfectly store it at home. Then it all comes down to patience. Each year you unlock a new content chapter with master brewer Gerard, the face of the brand’s craftsmanship, explaining the evolution in your beer’s flavour. After 6 years, when it’s time to open the bottle, Gerard gives you tips on the best way to enjoy the aged beer.

The Digital Ageing Cellar is a brand content platform disguised as a service platform. The ageing experience that comes with Grand Prestige is how we get beer lovers interested, the 6 year long content distribution is how we keep them engaged with the brand.