Week Of Greatness

Week Of Greatness

Foot Locker

We pushed the limits of creativity on Instagram and combined a continuous stream of product releases plus brand videos into stunning daily take-overs.

The results

Our Instagram takeovers delivered 250,000 interactions and over 25,000 new followers.

The challenge

Maximizing excitement on every single product, every single day.

The Week of Greatness is the week of the year in which Foot Locker releases the most and the hottest new products with at least 7 sneaker drops a day. Foot Locker already supports this week with an integrated campaign to create awareness and excitement. It was our challenge to use Foot Locker’s social media presence in such a way that sneakerfreaks would go crazy for each and every product.

The solution

Not your average sneaker release.

The target audience already eats up the normal daily product releases on Foot Lockers social media channel. So to get The Week of Greatness to stand out, we needed to go the extra mile. By collaborating with eight chosen sport talents, such as Antony Martial and Marouane Fellaini, we got the target audiences attention. Next, we visually connected their eight Instagram takeovers to aim for the unexpected and to maximize excitement. All leading up to an enormous success with loads of new followers and interactions with sneaker fans.