Run Free Jozi

Run Free Jozi


The 21st of March 2012 will go down in history books as the night 10 000 took to the streets as one for Run Jozi - Nike's first 10km race on the African continent

The results

10K registered runners within 1 week and a total of R10 million earned PR

The challenge

The number of young recreational runners was on the decline

We needed to recruit runners in and around Johannesburg who seldom set foot in the inner city, let alone run it!
We challenged our runners to take back their streets!

The solution

Take back the streets as one!

We planned and executed a race in the so-called "crime capital" of the world on a scale never before attempted... at night!

Eager runners were able to sign up for Run Jozi on their native platforms and to ensure wide reach, we adopted a decentralised digital approach across Facebook, Twitter, and event microsite and YouTube - with mailers and SMS used to maximum effect.