Building a Strong Social Community

Building a Strong Social Community

African Extracts Rooibos

By championing the diversity & power of rooibos with engaging content & influencers, we connected African Extracts Rooibos with a huge community of local women.

The results

A 300% growth in page likes in 90 days.

The challenge

Create a campaign to engage a broad audience for a brand with a tiny digital footprint.

In South Africa, people are very familiar with rooibos (a unique local tea), but have no idea of the many benefits it has for your skin and its powerful anti-ageing properties.

For African Extracts Rooibos, whose key ingredient is rooibos extract, we needed to spread this message and launch a new line of anti-ageing products while garnering greater awareness for the brand at large.

The solution

Partner with publishers and influencers to create informative and entertaining content.

By first defining exactly who this broad audience was, we were able to create a clear narrative for our campaign: The AdvantAGE of Ageing. Using this as our launch pad, we formed strategic partnerships with publishers, content creators and social influencers to create content that was informative, entertaining, friendly and engaging across a wide variety of platforms.