Jean Lin features in Campaign Asia “Then & Now"


Jean Lin features in Campaign Asia “Then & Now"

Leading APAC publication, Campaign Asia, recently shared the early-career experiences of prominent industry professionals, including Isobar Global CEO Jean Lin, and new joiners, including Prachi Karan, Media Director at Isobar India. Across both of their careers, changes in technology and workplace culture have marked the greatest shift in a generation.

Jean Lin began her career as an account executive at Ogilvy in Taipei, and remembers physically delivering creative work in big tapes to the local TV stations. But most of her work involved “anything you can think of” from defining and creating briefs, managing project timelines to balancing clients’ budget constraints.

I was taken to see the client the second day on my job, before I actually knew how the process worked.” She remembers it being a steep learning curve. However, most difficult was understanding the client’s business, knowing their expectations and then serving as the go-between client and agency. “You realize very soon that you’re actually a very important part of their marketing mix.

"I’d feel very grateful every day that as an account executive just graduated from college, you’re actually seeing and meeting and getting comments from people that are top in their industry that are treating you like you really make a difference to their marketing program.” Jean cited.

Over in Mumbai, Isobar India's Prachi Karan’s introduction to clients was measured and gradual, beginning with limited contact. Soon, however it transitioned to a client-facing role and eventually she took over certain accounts. 

A lot of times I went beyond my work profile into areas like ad ops, billings and so on to ensure smooth account operations,” she said. “Nowadays, I don’t see a lot of people who are starting off their careers open to that idea. They want specific roles and they want to stick to only those roles.

Read the full article on Campaign Asia, or find out more about Isobar Global CEO Jean Lin in this interview with dmexco:talk.



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