Pitching yourself a brighter future

Pitching yourself a brighter future

Sun Life

Conventionally, insurance plans are sold TO individuals, but we achieved an incredible feat of having people sell insurance plans to themselves! This was done by visualizing an ideal future that the person could see virtually; then have his virtual-self tout the advantages of financial planning for the future. The ability to sell oneself an insurance plan is category breaking in itself, and never done before.

The results

In a total 9 weeks, the microsite attracted 65,920 visits (51,859 unique visits: 30% Organic vs 70% paid media) and 96,577 total page views. Additionally, although not part of the main objective, 23 leads generated were from this campaign thus far with 2 successful closed deals.

The challenge

Cluttered Category, Taboo Topic

Sun Life Insurance entered the Malaysian market in July 2013. Its awareness in the market is stacked against the clutter of very dominant players (e.g. AIA and Prudential), making it an uphill drive.

Making matters worse is the taboo nature of conversations centered on insurance. The mention almost always pre-suggests bad-tidings to Malaysians, making customer outreach efforts challenging.

The Objective

Not prepared to be an insignificant player, Sun Life needed to build its customer base. It wasn’t enough just to have well packaged or innovative products, it had to get people interested enough to buy into them.

Communication Objectives

  • To INTRODUCE Money for Life & its range of products to Malaysians from 25-45
  • To STRIKE importance of setting goals and starting financial planning

The solution

 Campaign Strategy

  1. Disrupt the Convention

The mention of insurance means bad tidings to many Malaysians. Ironically, many conversations aimed at selling any brand of insurance conventionally starts by supposing misfortune. Newcomer, Sun Life, disrupted the convention by promoting good fortune.

  1. We talked to consumers

We found that one would trust an insurance agent more if he or she were already a close friend. People were more receptive to the idea of insurance based on the level of trust they have for the agent. Trust was a barrier in most cases. In its absence, we concluded that one would rightly first, trust his or her own judgment or instincts, before anyone else’s.

What formed the basis of our driving insight became the core of our strategy:

Listen to yourself, the one person you can first trust

We centered our efforts on getting our audience to engage with themselves, helping them deduce their own financial needs by projecting themselves into an ideal, positive future.

Meet the Future You

From the strategy of listening first to one-self, we helped the audience create a version of themselves in an ideal world of comfort, luxury and security that was only possible with proper financial planning.

We used their ideal world as the engagement point – their future selves literally talking to their present selves, to demonstrate the good life that can be had, with proper financial planning.

Facial recognition technology

To provide a compelling experience, the challenge was to demonstrate the aging process on a youthful face – something that isn’t possible with existing facial recognition technologies.

To create an aged personification of the consumer talking to his present-self, we created new programs to merge with existing technology to provide the aging experience of the consumer.


How it works

A Microsite was created to host this experience of engaging with one’s future-self and house the information that was needed to sell and extol the benefits of proper financial planning.

Once at the site, users had their faces scanned using the newly developed facial recognition technology, and programmed to an older age. Users could then see their older self in a video talking about their ideal future and life experiences in an engaging way.

The reality check appears at the end of the video as the whistle blower triggers the realization that one might need Sun Life products after all.