Rallying Malaysian Chinese to ‘HoEeKi’

Rallying Malaysian Chinese to ‘HoEeKi’

In the lead up to Chinese New Year, where the Chinese are in a ‘buy, buy, buy’ mentality, we got them to ‘sell, sell, sell’ on instead.

The results

Number of listings on surged by 17% in just 1 month.

The challenge wanted to build affinity with the Chinese, who sees it as a second-hand marketplace.

Often perceived as a second-hand marketplace, will be avoided by the Chinese, especially during Chinese New Year as custom dictates, should be marked by new items. The challenge was then, how do we get the Chinese to use this platform during the festive period?

We focused on getting the Chinese to sell on instead – in order to afford the buying of new things for Chinese New Year.

The solution

If the Chinese were not willing to buy from Mudah, we got them to sell with us instead.

The Chinese tend to hoard due to their thrifty nature. They do not have the intent to let go of old items even when the items have diminished in value. We exaggerated this observation, coining a mnemonic in Hokkien, ‘Ho Ee Ki’ which translates to ‘Let It Go’. In this dialect, the mnemonic has an added meaning of getting rid of the old to usher in prosperity – perfect for Chinese New Year season.