Libresse Malaysia - PMS, It’s more than just an acronym

Libresse Malaysia - PMS, It’s more than just an acronym

Libresse Malaysia

While other sanitary pad brands tout happy women having their periods, truth is, the period isn't the problem; it's the days leading up to the period - PMS.

The results

Sample requests increased by 100% compared to the daily benchmark.

The challenge

Changing the perception towards PMS by creating an experience that has never been done before.

With PMS being typically associated with negative behaviours and characteristics, we wanted to flip the negativity around into something more positive. And before, there has never been a brand in the feminine protection category that talks to men. This opened up an opportunity for Libresse to broaden its communication strategy, as men indirectly go through PMS as well through their other halves.

The solution

Helping women face the anguish of PMS and flip that into a position of power and strength.

PMS can be a serious limitation that women face today, and in recognizing this, we created “PMS Factor”, the ultimate PMS survival kit. Women can take the PMS Analyser to discover their inner Pre-Menstrual Souls and find out tips and tricks to manage their PMS, while timely reminders could be sent out to the men in these women’s lives. By demystifying PMS, we showed that there is a silver lining to it. If women can overcome PMS, they can overcome their period as well.