Honda SENSING Cart

Honda SENSING Cart

Honda Malaysia

The Honda SENSING Cart:
A metaphor for the masses.

The results

Over 1,121 visitors & more than 8 million views

The challenge

Helping people understand Honda SENSING: An innovative, yet complicated, technology.

Honda SENSING was a revolutionary, innovative product. However, like all radical ideas, trying to understand it proved to be a challenge – especially for the common, non-tech savvy folk.

The solution

Using a metaphor, we linked Honda SENSING to something everyone knew: The Shopping Cart

Our approach was to link Honda SENSING to something everyone knew instinctively how to operate: The ever-present Shopping Cart.

Using sensors, boards and brakes, we fused Honda SENSING with a regular shopping cart, for the world’s first intelligent trolley. We used the cart on-ground at an international motor show, and made an online YouTube video that eventually racked millions of views.