From Manglish to English

From Manglish to English


Engaging teens to be part of a larger conversation online when they learn English, by tapping into their multi-screen browsing habits as they watch “Oh My English!”

The results

Bridged the online and TV-watching experience; with visits  from mobile devices rising 38%.

The challenge

Making the multi-screen experience more intuitive and engaging for teens.

Since Season 2, the rate of visits to the Oh My English! website has been declining. Interestingly, we found that there has been a steady rise of teens accessing the website through digital devices. Tapping into this multi-screen browsing habit of teens, we gave them a more immersive, personalised experience to learn English.

The solution

Crafting interactive content with an always-on digital presence to reinforce learning.

More than ever, teens are consuming information on their mobile devices. We then decided to go against the traditional methods of learning by adapting our content to match the digital savviness of teens; making them bite-sized and ubiquitous. Teens not only learn more with less, but through devices they are most familiar with, no matter where they are – giving them a seamless learning experience.