Isobar Cheekily Gives Lucky Numbers in CNY ad

Malaysia's favourite plumber is back!

In a brilliant follow up to last year’s award-winning Ho Ee Ki campaign for Malaysia's largest online marketplace,, Isobar Malaysia, has created yet another fun and creative ad for Chinese New Year.

Carrying on with the campaign theme of Ho Ee Ki, which is meant to encourage people to let go of the old, to usher in prosperity, this year’s ad focuses on lucky numbers with a twist. The Chinese community commonly associate numbers with luck and prosperity. This formed the campaign idea of encouraging people to ‘Uncover Prosperity’ through their own efforts of selling on, instead of relying on chance (numbers).

Uncover Prosperity follows in the same vein of last year’s ads, bringing back the much-loved Plumber and other characters from last year’s video. The Isobar Malaysia team cheekily associates with the lucky numbers of 32665. Watch the video till the end for a brilliant twist. To date, it has garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined, and has been shared close to 2,000 times on Facebook.

Last year’s Ho Ee Ki campaign set out to get people to sell their unused items on ahead of Chinese New Year. The campaign exceeded expectation and garnered a 213% increase in “value for money” evaluation* with listings going up by 7% versus 1.7% average monthly rate. Aside from that, its relatability (common habit of hoarding) drove audiences to not just watch (>5 million views within a month) but also share the video (>22,000 shares), making the “Ho Ee Ki” phrase hugely popular leading up to Chinese New Year. (*Source: YouGov Brand Index)

On whether there was added pressure to develop something even better this year given the massive success of last year’s campaign, Sanyen Liew, Executive Creative Director for Isobar Malaysia, commented:

“The original team was really happy to come together again and produce another piece of work for We had a lot of success last year, so the team felt excitement rather than pressure. It's hard to come by such chemistry and relationship among the clients, agency, production and talents, but that’s exactly what we have here, and it shows in the output of what we have produced.”

P.S.: No fish were harmed in the making of this ad ;)



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