Talking Hands Therapy

Talking Hands Therapy

Mexican Foundation for Rheumatoid Patients (FUMERAC)

The rehab process for rheumatoid arthritis patients is dull and painful, resulting in a 60% dropout rate.

The results

More than 300 thousand USD in free media for FUMERAC.
Talking Hands Therapy has been considered as a possible rehab protocol worldwide.

The challenge

Encouraging patients to find a new reason to stick to their rehab.

The pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis is such that it eventually leads people who suffer from it to stop doing even the most basic tasks, like combing their hair. The main issue with the rehab therapy for patients is that it's painful, tedious and leads them to despair. How could we give them additional encouragement to stick with their rehab?

The solution

We found a reason for them to keep going on with their rehab: learning a new language.

With help from specialists at FUMERAC, we found that rehab exercises work on the same joints as sign language.
We brought together therapists and sign language teachers to create the new therapy. After 96 hours, one of the patients was able to tell a full story to deaf children, finding a new reason to keep going on with her therapy.