Oreo Chocolatizer

Oreo Chocolatizer


Everybody knows Oreo as the quintessential cookie. And, when the new Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar was launched, nobody knew it was filled with the famous cookie.

The results

• 20% of Rappi orders included a Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar.
• +127% in sales vs product in store.
• +529% in online sales in the third week of implementation.

The challenge

Letting everybody know what the new Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars are filled with.

We looked for an innovative way to let people know that the new Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar is filled with the traditional cookie using the brand's playfulness and magic, besides boosting online sales for the product.

The solution

A vending machine that magically turns Oreo cookies into the new Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar.

We created a vending machine that works, not with money, but with Oreo cookies.

Once people insert the cookie, it sets off a chain reaction that turns the cookie, magically and right before the user's eyes, into the new Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar.

After the candy bar is delivered, the machine shows a Rappi code so the users can purchase more chocolates through the app.