Los Colores de Dani

Los Colores de Dani

Un Kilo de Ayuda

In Mexico, the lack of information on integral child development means almost 51% of children are at risk of achieving it.

The results

• +2.3 million impacts on social media.
• +23 million impacts and +650 thousand pesos in free media.

The challenge

Creating an innovative and interactive donation campaign through digital media.

Developing an interactive campaign that not only encouraged people to donate, but also to share and get more people to do it, in order to help integral child development.

The solution

The first ever child development tale that turned donations into words.

With the help of Judy Goldman, author of children's stories, and illustrator Cecilia Varela, we created Dani's Colors.

The campaigned consisted in a landing page where users could register and donate; a digital book that revealed words in real-time with every donation; and a physical copy which, in partnership with Porrúa to market it, generated funds for Un Kilo de Ayuda.