Kraken Ink

Kraken Ink

The Kraken Rum

Urban art is filled with prejudices, and the Kraken Rum, the brand that stands for urban culture, had to do something about it.

The results

• +5 million views and reach
• +16 million impacts

The challenge

How could we empower urban tribes through the beast's ink?

Kraken is a brand that expresses itself through urban art, and had to find a way to send a message of empowerment to artists everywhere in order to show that prejudices are erased with the beast's ink.

The solution

An OOH and digital campaign that showed how to shut down prejudices with art.

We launched Kraken's biggest campaign ever, using messages filled with prejudices and, with two ink masters, we intervened the spaces and showed that people could, indeed, make a living drawing.

We also supported urban art with a call-out to our followers to send us their sketches, and invited the winner to show their art in Panteón, one of Mexico City's most recognized art galleries.