IQOS A/S CVS Pickup Service

IQOS A/S CVS Pickup Service


In the event of IQOS device failures, a new service was developed to replace the failed device using convenience stores which enables customers to access more easily than the Offline IQOS Service Center.

The results

IQOS A/S CVS Pickup Service continues to be upgraded, expanding the service and focusing on automation strategies after its first launch in May 2018. 

The challenge

Isobar Korea is moving toward an agency that creates innovation in customer experience through cooperation with clients.

A / S service of IQOS is done by exchange method. Philip Morris and Isobar Korea wanted to improve consumer experience by creating a service that provides IQOS A/S service at convenience stores, where major selling points.

The solution

Philip Morris's IQOS, first launched in 2017, is continuing to grow. However, since IQOS is an electronic device, there were many inquiries about malfunctions. In order to receive the service with small numbers of A / S centers, the consumer had to wait a long time for A/S service. Isobar Korea has developed the world's first CVS IQOS service to provide A / S service in CU and GS25, two major convenience stores in Korea. When a consumer applies for A / S service through IQOS homepage and selects a nearby convenience store, the information is sent to a convenience store and the consumer receives an A / S Ticket for exchange their IQOS device. This allows consumers to visit CVS at a convenient time and receive replacement services in wherever they want to visit.