Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Amber Hotel

Amber Hotel is one of the newest fine dining restaurants that have sprung up in Nairobi.The three main areas of focus for the restaurant are its menu, service and atmosphere.Amber offers a culinary experience at its best with local and international cuisines.

The results

For one month Amber Hotel was was fully booked for 12 days with 200 people on the waiting list in the first week. Consideration for dining at Amber rose from 10% to 34% after the campaign.

The challenge

Fine dining is perceived to be an expensive and intimidating affair synonymous with snooty people. Most times people visit fine dining restaurants for a special occasion, so the food and ambience must not disappoint. As a new player in the market Amber faces stiff competition from other heritage brands in the market.

The solution

We had to stand out and find a way to make fine dining more approachable. We created a tongue in cheek ad series that communicated one thing: Amber Hotel offers a culinary experience that will make you forget yourself.