Memories, Data, and AI in a Bouquet

Memories, Data, and AI in a Bouquet


Send a bouquet with a fragrance you won't forget.

The results

We created an entirely new style to enjoy the flower gifting experience, incorporating user's most precious memories to rewrite history in the flower business.

increase in annual sales
120 Million Yen in ad conversion value, an industry highest in recent years

The challenge

Exploring challenges and new possibilities for flower gifts.

Giving flowers is one of the oldest forms of expressing love and affection. Liberte worked in collaboration with the Tokyo Wholesale Market to redefine the power of flower gifting by combining people's memories amplified by technology.

The solution

Thoughtful personalisation that brings back memories using scent data mining for the first time ever.

A sensor that could replicate human sense of smell was developed along a vast collection of fragrance data from memorabilia and photographs, giving flowers the power to evoke memories.