Japan Boccia Association Designates Dentsu Isobar Athlete


Japan Boccia Association Designates Dentsu Isobar Athlete

Masayuki Arita, member of Dentsu Isobar who has a condition known as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) has been selected as a 2019 designated athlete by the Japan Boccia Association in the BC3 level, playing in individual and paired games. Formerly a Japanese power wheelchair soccer player, Arita has 16 years' experience in the competitive arena. He joined Dentsu Isobar in 2017 as a disabled athlete and switched to playing Boccia competitively in March of the same year, aiming to become a world-renowned athlete. Since 2018, he has been elected a designated athlete for two consecutive years and now hopes to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, supported by his wife Chiho as his sports assistant.

With this selection, Dentsu Isobar reaffirms its value “As One, with Respect,” for the person in front, and thinking about the person further ahead. This value helps us nurture a diverse pool of talent that allow us to transform businesses, brands, and people’s lives with the creative use of digital.

Arita commented: “It has been nearly two years since I switched to playing the sport competitively, and I have used my previous competition experience to make steady progress, following a roadmap aimed at a specific objective training and playing matches daily.

In any field, obtaining results in a short period of time is difficult yet so far, I continue to work without faltering towards my life's goal: to be an internationally renowned athlete. I have been able to do this thanks to the support and understanding of Chiho, who is both my wife and sports assistant, as well as the team at Isobar. I thank them for helping me achieve results in a short period of time.

I look forward to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, and then the 2024 Paralympics in Paris after that. Sports provide a platform that can turn dreams and goals into reality, and I believe that my role as an athlete is to share how amazing it is to live life with an objective in mind with as many people as possible. I Thank everyone very much for all the support.”

Originally from Europe, Boccia is an official Paralympic sport designed for people with cerebral palsy or similarly severe mobility impairments. The game involves throwing, rolling or hitting six red and six blue balls toward a white target ball called the jack. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to the jack. Everyone can take part of this sport, even when disabilities prevent players from throwing the ball through the use of ramps or by giving instructions to their sport assistants. Regardless of gender, Boccia players are categorized into four classes based on their level of disability ranging from BC 1 to 4. Matches can be played as individuals, in pairs (of two players each), or in teams (of three players each).


Name: Masayuki Arita
Date of birth: March 24th, 1980 (38 years old)
Lives in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture; born in Osaka.
Boccia class: BC3

Main Achievements

Power Wheelchair Soccer

  • 2006, Japan Championships, MVP
  • 2011, World Cup (France Tournament), Top Championship Scorer
  • 2013, Canada Championships, MVP/Top Scorer


  • 2017, 19th Japan Championships, 3rd place (first-timer)
  • 2018, 20th Japan Championships, 3rd place


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