Dentsu Isobar Launches Quick Win for Digital Assets Management


Dentsu Isobar Launches Quick Win for Digital Assets Management

Dentsu Isobar and Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. announced today that they have started offering Quick Win for Digital Assets Management, a service that supports the installation and operation of Adobe Manager Assets for the centralized management of in-house assets.

This third roll out is a part of the Quick Win series following Quick Win for Digital Experience and Quick Win for Analytics, also powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. This new addition to the series will provide a quick process for the installation of AEM Assets, supporting the effective usage and administration of businesses' digital assets.

Solution Background

Many businesses continue to face challenges in the effective use of digital assets such as images, audio and text files for implementing and promoting digital marketing. These are indispensable items and their timely delivery is essential and needs to be aligned with the changes in consumer behaviour. As these get used, and passed around from one individual to another or across departments, it often leads to complications controlling latest versions and managing their approvals. The results are significant financial costs and time spent attempting to handle the complexity of these issues internally. To address these challenges, Dentsu Isobar is launching Quick Win for Digital Assets Management, a solution that optimizes digital asset management in a package of essentials that gathers our expertise powered by Adobe Experience Manager Assets (AEM Assets).

Service Overview

Quick Win for Digital Assets Management incorporates essential AEM Assets processes such as asset identification, directory and metadata maintenance, workflow development, testing, Etc., and simplifies digital asset management consolidation. Our solution provides the following merits through building a solid infrastructural foundation for speedy and efficient administration:

  • Quick location of needed assets: Reducing searching time and its incurring costs
  • Development of asset production and approval workflows: Increasing efficiency in producing catalogs, leading to shorter for market introduction time
  • Latest version control: Direct referral to any asset's most updated version, minimizing the risk of mixing them with their older versions
  • Copyright and expiry management: Centralized control of copyrighted material expiry dates, reducing the accidental use of illegal assets
  • Consolidated branding: Asset management with one master file for website distribution, e-commerce, e-mail magazines, Etc.

Our service offering delivers strategy planning, technical support, installation and operation of digital platforms. This enables us to provide the highest quality combining the use of digital with our teams vast expertise across our extensive agency network that supports businesses and brands in their digital transformation journey.

Hisamichi Kinomoto, VP of Marketing, Japan, Adobe Systems Co., Ltd said: “We are pleased to be able to offer AEM Assets, digital asset management solution from Adobe Marketing Cloud. As the volume of digital content continues to increase, it is essential to improve the operations and asset management efficiency to deliver excellent customer experiences. By introducing a service that supports that maximizes Dentsu Isobar's expertise with Adobe Marketing Cloud, we hope that AEM Assets allows more businesses to deliver the best experiences for customers.”

For more information, please visit here. (in Japanese)


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