Dentsu Isobar launches Quick Win for Analytics


Dentsu Isobar launches Quick Win for Analytics

Dentsu Isobar Inc. (head office in Tsukiji, Chuo-ku in Tokyo; President & CEO: Hidetoshi Tokumaru. Herein referred to as Dentsu Isobar) will start offering Quick Win for Analytics, a service that supports the installation, implementation and leverage of the data management platform Adobe Analytics from Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Systems Inc’s digital marketing solution.

This new service follows the release of Quick Win for Digital Experience last year that enables the installation of Adobe Analytics, assists with data acquisition, of digital platform users*’ online behavior, and establishes pivotal data measures. It clarifies areas to be measured within comprehensive behavioral processes from an offers’ influx to conversion organized from a customer’s perspective, serving as an effective digital solution for data-based assessments of projects and business performance.


Interest in data from the digital platforms managed by businesses themselves is growing in the digital marketing field. Particular consideration for trial and error is given to how to visualise user behaviour, changes in customer attitudes or feelings as data, as well as how to leverage these hypotheses to identify business issues and points for optimization. This is the reason why an increasing number of businesses are considering different ways to use their already installed digital analytics tools as well as installing new ones. Setting methods to measure these with a customer behaviour in mind is a critical factor for analysis. In digital data analysis such as web analytics, the objective is obtaining data from a wide range of measures. Quick Win for Analytics delivers such points by focussing on customers from an analytical perspective with the installation of the digital data analytics platform Adobe Analytics. This solution supports getting and storing the right data towards the deployment of analysis.

Service Overview

Quick Win for Analytics retains fundamental analytical functionality for web and mobile applications, organizing the best approaches to identify customer behaviour from data. It reduces the steps needed in the installation of Adobe Analytics from defining requirements to planning and implementation by installing a package that establishes installation essentials, implementation measures, and SDR (Solution Design Reference); and implements Adobe Analytics via its DTM (Dynamic Tag Manager) for the installation and initial data accumulation.

Analysis is done using 7 measurement points that identify customer behaviour on digital platforms. The data tabulation results from these measures and cross analysis where necessary can be leveraged to consider implementation measures such as insights and findings on customer behaviour patterns and segment groups a business’s digital business deployment will be effective on. It also validates already implemented measures.

Data obtained and accumulated by this plan serves as the base for the data analysis of the business installing it, strongly contributing in delivering a solution to enhance/deploy digital marketing activities such as MA and DMP. Thorough examination of this fundamental data, it lets users discover customer insights as well as identifying issues early on, making businesses invest their marketing budget efficiently.

The basis for digital marketing expansion is the establishment of analytical measures that are easy for marketers to understand and the ongoing accumulation of data. Businesses need to begin acquiring appropriate data as soon as possible to stay ahead.

*Digital platforms

The expression “digital platforms” used in this release refers to the extent of users’ digital activities across different devices such as PC/smartphones, as well as different usage environments such as websites/apps. The basic package released is designed to measure websites but can also be alternatively be used to measure apps.

Comments from Adobe

Hisamichi Kinomoto, VP of Marketing, Japan, Adobe Systems Co., Ltd said: ““Following the first launch of Quick Win for Digital Experience last year which earned great popularity, we are pleased to offer a newly developed analytics digital solution for Adobe Marketing Cloud. Through this service, and Dentsu Isobar's expertise in supporting Adobe’s digital marketing services, we seek to offer customers with an all-new, customized way to use Adobe Analytics that delivers the best digital experiences for customers.”

For more details about this service in Japanese, please visit here.


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