UCI Cinemas' new website

UCI Cinemas' new website

UCI Cinemas

A new digital identity for UCI Cinemas and a new infrastructure able to maximize their business.

The results

The new website’s user experience has become even more intuitive and funny!

The challenge


Isobar created an “Idea without limits” and built it on a solid “Digital performance” basis to help the Brand to stand from the competitors in a market where movies are the actual product and movie theatres are just a facility

The solution


To maximize online booking conversion and website traffic monetization we created a new positioning for UCI to differentiate the Brand in a quite indifferentiated market where movies are what the target is looking for; we optimized the content to create the shortest funnel to conversion, starting from what people is searching online; we maximized the value of each page bringing more organic traffic and extending the life span of the most valuable content (movie pages)