We inspired customer experiences by taking the product into their own lifestyles.
SodaStream wanted people to experience a greener approach to sparkling water. Through Contents we inspired the change and acted on people’s behavior.

The results

SodaStream set the example, leading the change together with its fans.
Step by step, more and more Italian people changed their habits of water consumption, adopting Sodastream in their every day life.

The challenge

People tend to stick to their ways and find it hard to change.

We needed to overturn a habit, by turning a desire for a simpler and greener lifestyle into something easy to apply.

The solution

Tell stories of real people, with different lifestyles and show that change is possible!

We mixed several touchpoints, with a strong focus on Influencer Marketing. The core of the initiative was Facebook, and our Influencers took part in a special “try and tested” activity tailored on their lifestyles, creating reviews and “slice of life” contents. They also amplified the Shame or Glory viral campaign, inspired by Games of Thrones.