23 reasons not to text & drive

23 reasons not to text & drive

Linear Assicurazioni

Tapping into influencer marketing to raise awareness on an app that helps to prevent distracted driving.

The results

In 10 days: +30k accesses on website, +20k app download, +2,6mln video views and +136k video interactions.

The challenge

Spreading awareness on safe driving in a fun way

Is texting while driving dangerous? You bet. Although nearly everyone agrees this is a risky behavior, most people do it anyway. Linear knows that the use of cell phones while driving plays a pivotal role in auto crashes each year, that’s why it developed the app “Linear BestDriver” to prevent distracted driving.
But the real challenge for the brand was finding an engaging way to persuade users that “BestDriver” app is the best option to stay focused behind the wheel.

The solution

The 23 dumbest things you can do with your cell phone

To address the brand’s message about the importance of safe-driving in an engaging yet convincing way, we involved the major group of Italian content factory, The Jackal, focused on entertainment. In collaboration with us, they listed the dumbest things that people can do with their smartphones to drive attention to the risks of distracted driving. The result is a hilarious video capable to both engage and encourage users to practice safe driving habits.