A strong personality needs a bold communication

A strong personality needs a bold communication

Fisherman’s Friend

A Brand with a strong heritage, looking for a digital identity in line with that, meets an agency with a marked taste for strong personalities.

The results

The community of Fisherman’s Friend organically grew together with the engagement rate

The challenge

A “born to be social” Brand needs an idea to stand out

A strong Brand with a clear identity and a fond community needed help to communicate its disruptive personality exactly where disruptiveness is a key success factor

The solution

Use the force of unconventional communications!

Isobar built a new digital identity for the Brand starting from all classical Corporate Identity’s elements but considering them from a new point of view: an iper-branded creativity, a disruptive tone of voice, some unconventional initiatives and a boost from the influencers community invited to actively attend the Air Guitar tour