Silvia Sassi

Operations and UX Principal

Silvia Sassi
After a classical education the love for Digital Communication and User Experience Design.

If someone asked me to define myself from a professional point of view, I would give him these milestones:

10 October 2001 - I graduated in the brand new Faculty of Design at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis, in collaboration with the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, on the relationship between the organization of knowledge and its representation.

15 November 2001 - I started my first job on the Mobile and Web market as Project Manager, focusing on User Experience Design and production process definition.

3 November 2014 – It was my name-day and I have started my adventure at Isobar as Operations and UX Principal.

I have been working for the last 15 years in the Mobile, Digital and Brand Entertainment industry, focusing on User Experience Design and managing teams specialized in digital content production. During my career I have had the opportunity to develop into a multi-faceted professional.

Over the last 9 years, reporting directly to C levels, I have worked in a very dynamic business context dealing with:

  • user experience design, management of production and test of web and mobile multi-channel products and services with strong aspects of gamification and social interaction (B2C and B2B);
  • online advertising production and web analytics – Landing Pages, Banners;
  • definition of operational and production methods and procedures for Operations;
  • identification and systemization of operational flow, use case generation, project management and development supervision.

When I turned twelve I received a Commodore Amiga 500 as a gift. That’s the moment my passion for digital was born.