Isobar India launches mobile ad campaign for Wrangler’s ‘Stretch Plus’ collection


Isobar India launches mobile ad campaign for Wrangler’s ‘Stretch Plus’ collection

Isobar India has collaborated with Wrangler launch the latest ‘Stretch Plus’ collection in India. The team has devised and executed an innovative digital media competition campaign that encourages followers to ‘stretch the banner ad’ with the product’s latest feature, ‘Extra Stretch’.

In an age where brands are using banner ads on mobile devices to direct users towards discounts or generate other forms of marketing leads, Isobar India has created an interactive approach to engross consumers by extending the stretch feature of the product on the banner itself. Targeting users on touch devices, the agency asks customers to ‘stretch’ the product on the devise for a surprise offer. Every time they stretch the denim on the mobile banner, an offer pops up that leads them to discounts on the collection. 

The campaign has already garnered a total impression of 2,618,948 with an Engagement Rate of 1.8%, with over 1,000 vouchers issued and new users added to the Wrangler database. This is 3,500% more than the average display advertisement [2017, Smart Insights].

Suraj Nagappa, Vice President Isobar India said, “Brands need to provide consumers with a rich experience at every touchpoint – including display. We wanted encourage people to engage with Wrangler through the innovative ‘stretch’ mechanic, making this new product feature more memorable.”

Rohini Haldea, Marketing Head, Wrangler, said, “Interactive ads are a good way for brands to get consumers’ attention and engage with them in a way that is meaningful to the brand. With the interactive ad feature, Wrangler’s Stretch Plus campaign is aimed at creating a digital experience that highlights the product benefits in an engaging manner and incentivises the consumer to try the product. 

The campaign ran in conjunction with Canvas Advertising.


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