Interview with Tanay Kumar, CEO of Fractal Ink Design Studio - Linked by Isobar


Interview with Tanay Kumar, CEO of Fractal Ink Design Studio - Linked by Isobar

After welcoming the leading digital design studio in India, Isobar caught up with Tanay Kumar, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Fractal Ink Design Studio - Linked by Isobar.

Hi Tanay, and welcome to you and the Fractal team to the Isobar family! Firstly, why did you want set up Fractal Ink Design Studio?

Tanay Kumar> Let me just start with thanking the whole of Isobar family for a such a hearty and a warm welcome into the group.

As far as I remember, it was over a cup of coffee where four of us Geeta, Priyanka, Hemant and myself decided to come together to form Fractal.

Moving back from London in 2010 was a very conscious decision for Priyanka (COO and Chief Experience Officer) and myself, which was invested more in the vision of starting up this entity rather than patriotism. Our exposure to experience design and its role in the modern world formed the basis of starting this company with Geeta (COO and Chief Business Officer) and Hemant (Co-founder) who were already running a design studio.

At the time, internet and mobility in India was still a luxury. India was largely considered more of a technology back end for the world. Our early hypothesis into how digital will enter people’s lives and the absence of this philosophy around gave us a strong reason to start Fractal. One single point focus drives the company and that is “technology alone does not drive growth but its adoption does” and the the sooner we realise this the faster we will grow. Hence we built our company not only around design, but around creating experiences that will excite, delight and be useful to people.

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